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I loved the music, and that does depict that fat-ass weenie perfectly. Very random, I laughed my ass off. Keep up the good work


I made wet in pants because of movie!


I told you not to put this up...you really need to just hold off till you have either a decent clip with sound and explanation or...here's a novel idea...wait till the damn project is done!
I have no sympathy for you and your shitty reviews on this one...

matman86 responds:

i know, im sorry. i just got excited ad put it up. will you ever forgive me? lol. yea im sorry and i'll try not to post pre-mature movies ever again, at least ones we both are working on. just remember i have the patients, attention span, and intelligence of a day old muffin. so be patient with me!

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Refreshingly Good

This was actually a surprisingly good platformer, and what's more it was actually genuinely fun to play....which is a rareity for flash games. It played really well (very reminescent of Sonic) and the programming was solid. My only complaint would be to improve the graphics. Understandably it's the sketchy FBF style, but in my opinion, thats a cop-out for smooth animation and game design.

Simple, and Fun. Well done.

Hehe, -API-, you've got your hands in some pretty big titles there ^_~

Not very impressed.

From first glance it seems like it's going to be a very dramatic, well done game, however, this isn't the case. First off, for being a 1st person shooter type game, it's certainly the best in its flash genre, but it just doesn't stack up when compared with the other quality games that offer so much more interactivity. Also, since nothing's moving, and the animations are somewhat limited, I think you should shoot a little higher than sticks when it comes to your character models. You can do better, stick figures are the lowest of the low. The style was, as mentioned before, sticks, which really is a cop-out on the character designer's part. The sound was actually the high point of this game. Good, fitting gunshot sounds. The music was also very atmosphereic, so good job with that. The violence was there, but it wasn't anything special or excessive. Interactivity got a low score because there's not a whole lot to do, or very much depth to the gameplay. All it is is point and click from a single predetermaned position. Not very interactive at all, I would say. The game isn't funny, nor was it meant to be (it would seem). Overall, it's not a very good game. It does get points because it worked, and worked well, but that's like saying "I made a paper air plane, and it wroks really good!" It's not all that challenging.

All in all, it's nothing special.

I am diseased.

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